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Alfred Yun
Pianist, Composer, Teacher


Latest Project


About Me

Alfred Yun is a Korean-American jazz

pianist and composer. His music is

influenced by his upbringing in both

Korea and the United States. You can

hear influences ranging from jazz, hip

hop, and K-Pop to traditional Korean

music in Alfred Yun’s compositions.

In 2019, Alfred Yun composed a score for

Kookmin University in Seoul, South

Korea. The video was featured on

national television, movie theaters,

subways, and airports.

Alfred was honored to be chosen by the

Music Center At Strathmore as an Artist-

in-Residence for the 2023-2024 season.

This includes featured concerts at

Strathmore’s prestigious AMP club in

January and participating in programs

throughout the season.

Alfred Yun has had the fortune of

performing at festivals including the

KORUS Festival, Lake Anne Jazz Festival,

Jazz in the Country Festival, Crossroads

Festival, the Yellowdoor Concert Series,

and Nowon Festival in Seoul, South


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