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Alfred Yun is a composer, pianist, producer, audio engineer, and music teacher. 


In 2019, Alfred Yun composed a score for Kookmin University in Seoul, South Korea. The video was featured on national television, movie theaters, subways, and airports.


Alfred Yun was honored to be chosen by the Music Center At Strathmore as an Artist-in-Residence for the 2023-2024 season. This includes featured concerts at Strathmore’s prestigious AMP club in January and participating in programs hroughout the season.

As a leader, Alfred Yun has led groups at venues like Strathmore AMP, An Die Musik Live, Franklin Park Arts Center, and Mr. Henry's. 

Alfred Yun has had the fortune of performing at festivals like the KORUS Festival, Lake Anne Jazz Festival, Jazz in the Country Festival, Crossroads Festival, the Yellowdoor Concert Series, and Nowon Festival in Seoul, South Korea. 

Locally, Alfred Yun leads a series of duos at Lake Anne Coffeehouse as well as a trio at Matchbox Silver Spring. 


Last but not least, Alfred Yun is a music teacher at Capitol Hill Day School, teaching students of all ages and skill levels. Several of his students were accepted by the Chantilly Jazz Program and the National Jazz Workshop at Shenandoah Conservatory. 

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